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Apr 27, 2009

Ohio Swine Flu Posts collection

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Ohio Swine Flu Case Confirmed - Democratic Underground
Apr 25, 2009
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- State health officials confirmed that the swine flu has made it to Ohio. Agents with the Ohio Department of Health announced that a 9-year-old boy from Lorain County has been diagnosed with the disease. ...
6 hours ago
Swine flu case in Ohio confirmed. Posted: 02:24 PM ET. (CNN) –Health authorities in Ohio on Sunday confirmed a case of swine flu in a 9-year-old boy. The Ohio Department of Health said the boy has a mild case of the illness and was ...
4 hours ago
Google Trends reports that “Swine Flu Ohio” is the 27th most popular search keyword currently, with searches for the “CDC” and “Swine Flu Symptoms” also making the top 100 keyword searches on Google. Google Maps have also been created ...