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Apr 13, 2009

an 8 year survivor of Ewing Sarcoma

I am an 8 year survivor of Ewing's. I have been completely cancer free since the partial removal of my femur in 2000, which was done midway through my treatment regiment. Treatment is aggressive, and for me included all three approaches, chemo, surgery and radiation, but survival rates seem to increase for this disease as treatments are honed from experience.

Do not obsess with the different survival rates you may find, which can range anywhere from 80 percent 5 year survival to much less. I had many factors going against me. Presenting as an adult is usually considered negative. I was over 30. Size of the tumor is a factor, mine was large enough to consider me at a higher risk. Diagnosis did not come until I broke my femur clean in two, definitely not a good sign. The only major factor I had in my favor was there was no metastasis (spreading to parts of the body other than the initial tumor site).

As my oncologist said to me, no one knows what Paul Clare's survival rate will be, so remain positive. Well my 5 year survival was 100 percent, and it is for many more people.

The best I can say is remain positive and support your friend in any way possible. My thoughts are with you and your friend. If you would like to talk more, feel free to contact me directly.

Paul Clare