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Mar 27, 2009

primary cancer care givers

a last year JMC got the cancer. no warnings, one pea size knot in the arm pit.
in 3 weeks it was baseball size and diagnosed as secondary limphnode cncer.
in a month the spread was unbeliveable! now stage iv lung cancer and no hope of recover. JMC, gave all she could every day to every one She met. now at only 55 yrs young, her life is almost over. She worked as inhome health care provider, cook and deliver dirver for meals on wheels, and lastly as diatery aid at a nursing home! these days its up to me as Her primary Care Giver. This past year has been too long and too brutal! I sit night after night with her and watch as She slowly and much painfully diappeares before my very eyes. I no longer go to the office in the mornings, could not possible do a fare day for a fare wage! I am drained in most every way a person can be drained. May even lose or home, but i can not leave her side for long at a time. Seldom leave the house. Something happens ever time i've left in the past 6 weeks and have to rush back to calm her fears.

i welcome communications from the out side, particularly from those who know what it is to sit alone and wait, wonder and watch as someone they love slips away. After months with this disease friends and family drift away, seldom call, even less seldom drop by to talk and prop up the one who gives every thing just to ease the pain that racks a body seemingly non-stop. I never expected the world to stop living on through this time in our lives...but certainly never dreamed how quickly everone disappears for what ever reason they may have to do so!
its all about the pt. but the caregiver is only human, has feelings, needs and desires too...with out help they waste away in side the mind as the pt does in the body.

cancer survivor!

Hi! I just wanted to introduce myself! My name is Brittany and Im 19 years old! I was diagnosed with kidney cancer in August of '08. I had surgery in September and had 2/3 of my kidney removed! It was a scare of a lifetime and Im glad Im still alive!

Im just looking to meet some new people and make new friends! Not everyone understands what its like to have cancer and to go thru what we do! If anyone wants to chat, please feel free to contact me!

Thanks and I hope everyone is having a great day! :)

Health or Wealth ?

Which one is better for you ? is it going to be Health or Wealth ?
HEALTH all the way for ME!!! No ifs, ands or buts about it. As long as I am blessed with great health, nothing else really matters all that much anymore, at least that's how I've come to view things these days. May God opens His arms and reaches out to those seeking Him. I am.

wealth is nothing without health. health is the indicator of the wealth.
u can have lots of money but if u're not halthy u can do nothing with it.

Health and wealth are both great to have but if I had to choose I would go with health any day.

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