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Apr 25, 2009

25 Random Things about Trinity Mother Frances

1. Mother Frances Hospital was named after Mother Frances Siedliska of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, a polish nun dedicated to supporting the family.
2. Mother Frances Hospital opened its doors a day earlier than planned in 1937 to care for the victims of the New London school explosion. Both the Bryant Clinic (predecessor of Trinity Clinic) and Mother Frances Hospital responded to help the victims of the New London school explosion
3. The first baby was born at Mother Frances Hospital just two days after opening on March 20, 1937.
4. In 1947, a new four-story wing was dedicated, more than doubling the size of Mother Frances Hospital from 60 to 150 beds.
5. The Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth purchased Mother Frances Hospital from the City of Tyler in 1948.
6. In 1948, Mother Frances Hospital received a grant from the Ford Foundation to add many new services including new delivery rooms and air conditioning.
7. In 1949, Mother Frances Hospital was designated a regional polio treatment center. A special isolation ward was established with iron lung therapy
8. The cafeteria was added to Mother Frances Hospital in 1965.
9. In 1965, Mother Frances Hospital dedicated a new 140,000 square-foot wing added on the north side of the hospital including the addition of 240 hospital beds
10. Mother Frances Hospital had the first ICU in east Texas which was one of the first in the U.S. at the time.
11. In 1968, Dr. Patrick R. Thomas performed the first permanent pacemaker implantation at Mother Frances Hospital.
12. The first open heart surgery in Tyler was performed at Mother Frances Hospital in 1983.
13. In 1948, the Bryant Clinic changed its name to the Medical & Surgical Clinic (currently Trinity Clinic) and became the largest multi-specialty physician group in the area.
14. In 1986, Flight for Life emergency air transport services brought the first emergency helicopter service to east Texas.
15. Trinity Mother Frances employs over 4,000.
16. There are 32 Trinity Clinic locations.
17. Over 3,000 babies are delivered each year at Mother Frances Hospital.
18. The Ornelas Tower has 793,000 bricks, 208.3 miles of wire and 220 bathrooms.
19. The Heart Institute encompasses 57,535 square feet, the size of a football field.
20. The three leaves in the Trinity Mother Frances cross represent our commitment to serving the whole person, body, mind and spirit.
21. The first Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Tyler was opened in 2008 at Mother Frances Hospital.
22. There are over 65,000 visits per year to the Emergency Care Center at Mother Frances Hospital
23. A completely endoscopic pituitary tumor removal was performed in 2007 at the Trinity Mother Frances Neuroscience Institute.
24. Above Mother Frances Hospital’s original entrance on Beckham Ave. appeared the hospital’s name etched in stone. During one of the renovations, those stones were relocated to the wall that now faces Beckham Ave.
25. In 2004, Mother Frances Hospital was the area’s exclusive provider of the Intuitive Surgical daVinci surgical robotic system used for multispecialty surgical procedures.