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May 11, 2009

Top 12 Reasons to see a Naturopathic Doctor

1. You want your treatment plans to be the best for YOU as a person, not a disease.
2. You prefer to use natural healing methods & substances rather than invasive medical procedures and pharmaceuticals.
3. You want to make informed decisions about your health (i.e. round out the information you have received from allopathic doctors).
4. You want to identify and remove health problems, not treat the symptoms or mask the problem.
5. Conventional medical practices are failing you, or falling short.
6. You want a health practitioner that gets to know you and takes time to understand your case.
7. The availability of multiple treatment options is preferred rather than standard medical advice.
8. You want support in improving your lifestyle, stress levels and diet.
9. You want to prevent disease and/or maintain optimal health.
10. You are concerned about long term effects of prescription or OTC drugs, and/or unpleasant side effects.
11. You may have a complicated health picture that has been treated by separate doctors for each ailment but you wish to have a holistic analysis
12. You want help to navigate through the health supplementation industry and to clarify the claims of marketed health products.