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May 25, 2009

Smart Spring & Summer Travel Tips from Lifestyle Expert Susie Coelho

As the weather heats up, more people are out and about! Whether you are planning a weekend getaway with friends, a family vacation or just traveling on business, there are ways to make sure you are sticking to your healthy lifestyle and not succumbing to quick food fixes while on the road.

- When heading for the airport, I always try to pack light and make sure all my necessities are in my carry-on bag for easy access. Just as I like to travel light, I like to eat light as well. Instead of sitting down to a heavy breakfast or other meal, I try to eat smaller meals or snacks throughout the day. I feel much more energized. Weight Watchers Banana Nut Muffins and other snack cakes are perfect to drop in my bag and be on the go.

- On the road or at a hotel, it might be easy to just get something out of the vending machine or stop by a quick fast food place. Pack bites to eat beforehand and anticipate times when hunger might strike. Be ready with fruits, vegetables and other quick fixes to prevent giving in to poor food choices.

- The last thing I want on a car trip is a snack that leaves my hands sticky or greasy, especially if I am traveling with my kids. I make sure the items I pack can be zipped or completely sealed. Weight Watchers individually wrapped foods, like their Light String Cheese, are perfect for carrying along on an outing and I don't have to worry about things rolling around or getting messy in the car.