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Mar 27, 2009

Health Conferece Call! Join the Fight Against Cancer!

Time: 6pm to 6:30pm PST/ 8pm CST or 9pm EST

"Stay where you are, pick up your phone, and listen for 30 minutes to Life Changing Vital Information that you are not being told!"

This 30 minute discussion will give vital information that effects everyone living, information that is readily available in the U.S. but you are not being informed about it because it is saving lives!

You will be informed about how this European Doctor has found the key that unlocks the secrets we need to know!

Research and documented facts about what isn't being told to you, because their is nothing that compares to it!

The number is 512-879-2040 (758026# access code).

Time: 6pm to 6:30pm PST/8pm CST or 9pm EST

Date: This Monday night March 23,2009

Call: 512-879-2040 (758026# access code)

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